About Us

G9MD.TV is an end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) live streaming platform & video-on-demand marketing solution designed and developed for healthcare.

  • Create & customize your own branded channel

  • Upload, store & manage video assets

  • Broadcast live events, manage recorded streams & publish videos directly to your channel

  • Conversational action user experience integrated with AI & machine learning

  • Share & monetize content

  • Gain insight through analytics

  • Generate revenue through advertising

  • Supports 4K, 360° & VR content

  • HIPPA compliant

The website located at https://g9md.tv (the "Site") is a copyrighted work belonging to G9MD, Inc. Through the Site, G9MD provides live and on-demand content streaming, social networking, advertising, monetization, subscription, and related services for healthcare that enable the sharing of live and recorded video and audiovisual content, chat, and other services streamed over the Internet and other data delivery means to Internet-connected computers, mobile devices, TV's, and other devices.