on 07/21/2017
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Digital Healthcare Culture on G9MD.net


In 2010, Co-Founders Justin Anderson and Gary Gartsman, MD saw a huge gap in the global medical community. There was no central place online for medical professionals, which allowed them to communicate and collaborate with each other in an area created exclusively for them.  

Some physicians tried to adopt existing social media platforms into their practices for communication while uploading content onto video-sharing platforms. This segmented approach meant having to manage several accounts while navigating platforms designed for personal social use, not created with medical professionals in mind. 

G9MD.net was launched to fill this gap by providing a proprietary platform and integrated set of tools, services, processes and social interaction protocols to facilitate and encourage engagement, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing within organizations in real-time. The goal of G9MD is to create efficiency that leads to better patient care, a reduction in the predictable cost per episode in treating patients, improvements in operational proficiency and increases in personal, professional and corporate performance. 

Today, G9MD.net has active users in 190 countries and a robust set of tools created and fine-tuned specifically for the medical community. 

 G9MD.net’s newest feature allows physicians to upload original patient images (x-rays, scans, photographs, etc.) and annotate, e-sign and redact PHI on the fly to remain HIPAA compliant while collaborating with colleagues. 

Features of G9MD.net

  • Photo/document uploading and editing for HIPAA compliance 
  • Connect with Colleagues
  • Create and join Groups
  • Upload and share videos, photos and documents
  • Proprietary file storage and sharing
  • Create, invite and manage RSVPs to private or public events
  • Create and moderate polls
  • Create and participate in enduring material CME
  • Create and participate in quizzes 
  • Live chat and video-conferencing 
  • Online store
  • AI learning & voice search 
  • Sponsorship and advertising 

To begin communicating and collaborating with colleagues, sign up for your free account on G9MD.net today.