on 10/31/2016
  • Website Update

Hi Everyone!


It’s been 3 months since we launched the first beta version for g9md.tv. Since then, we have continued to add new features to the website, improved the User experience(UX) and fixed all bugs we could find in our search for a “bug-free environment”. Today G9MD is pleased to announce Version1.0 Beta 2.


The Version1.0 Beta 2 of G9MD.TV includes the following main Features, UX improvement and Bugs Fixes listed below: 



G9MD.TV Channel is a clean, simple and beautiful way to showcase videos. Including Featured Channels, Recommended Channels, Most Followed Channels, Most Viewed Channels and Recent Channels in its index page.


With Channel creation, the Channel owners can:

  • Create unlimited Channels*
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor for Channel Description
  • Set Channel Privacy (Public, Member Only and Only Me)
  • Set Discussion Statistics On/Off
  • Set Follower Statistics On/Off
  • Customize a unique Channel URL 
  • Watermark videos with text or image
  • Create Series

Video Playlist

Channel owners can now create customized video playlists for videos organized into Series. 

Ultra High-Definition Video-On-Demand (UHD VOD) Playback 

G9MD.TV supports the uploading of UHD 4K VOD content, as well as UHD live streaming at 2160p directly to your channel. G9MD.TV's auto adaptive multi-bitrate player ensures that your viewers will always watch the highest quality rendition of your video that their internet connection supports, which means seamless viewing performance and reliability of your VOD content. 

UX Improvement

  • Red *  for required fields
  • Use Re-position with block arrows in the homepage blocks
  • Submit button displays after uploading complete
  • Main Search Results
  • Ajax Based Event Thumbnail Display
  • Embed Event Countdown Timer
  • Converting Video Information
  • Log In Redirection
  • Maximum file size Stats for Poster and Banner
  • Add scroll Arrows for Watch page video gallery

Bugs Fixed

  • Russian number sign up 
  • Discussion Reply Date display Tomorrow
  • upload poster display 0.0 of 0.0 MB
  • Cannot select time when Create Live Event selected
  • image support CDN
  • Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found error


G9MD TV is the first end-to-end encrypted live streaming and broadcasting platform built specifically for the healthcare industry to provide virtual medical education solutions that improve healthcare quality and deliver performance across organizations and divisions.



We encourage everyone to test G9MD.TV. Submit your comment(s) below if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.


The G9MD Team