on 07/9/2016
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G9MD TV supports the rendering of chapter markers within the timeslider. These work particularly well for long form video, to segment it into discreet sections.

A viewer can quickly hover over the cue point and can see the title of the chapter or section. Clicking on the cue point navigates you directly to that point of the video. These markers are rendered by the JW Player when a standard WebVTT text track is provided in the player embed code.

To display chapters within the timeslider you first need to have a VTT file with the following information:

Cue identifier (optional )
Used to identify the actual cue point.
Cue timings (required)
Specifies the time zone for the cue. The chapter will be displayed on the start of the zone.
Chapter title(required)
The actual title you want displayed.

This format is easy to understand and can be authored with a simple text editor:



  • The title that gets displayed in the tooltip is the text located beneath the time.
  • VTT files should always be saved in UTF8 encoding to prevent character issues.


Here is the demo video: Click Here To Watch >>>