Preview, start, and stop live streams to G9MD.TV with Apple watch and the The G9 Live™ App. Read More
on 02/9/2017
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The G9 Live™ app from G9MD™ is a live audio and video capture and encoding application for iOS 8 and newer. Use G9MD’s G9 Live™ app to broadcast HD-quality live events from any location to any screen using H.264 adaptive bit rate streaming. Read More
on 01/14/2017
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G9MD Releases G9MD.TV Version 1.0 Beta 2 Read More
on 10/31/2016
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G9MD Launches G9MD.TV Version 1.0 Beta 1 Read More
on 07/12/2016
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G9MD TV supports the rendering of chapter markers within the timeslider. These work particularly well for long form video, to segment it into discreet sections. Read More
on 07/9/2016
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